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SMC's MK-Z has an allowable moment of inertia 3 times higher than the conventional MK and MK2 styles.  The overall length is the same as the conventional styles, and mounting dimensions are interchangeable with the MK series.  Auto switches can be mounted on any of the 4 surfaces with no projection of the switch.

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Combining compact cylinder size and rotational capability, the MK2 cylinder is designed for heavy duty clamping applications, with an available integrated arm that swings out of the way when the cylinder is extended. 90deg. clockwise or counter clockwise rotation is available, and clamping arms with adjustment screw are standard options. MK2 is available in 6 bore sizes from 20mm to 63mm and strokes from 10 mm to 50 mm.

MRHQ, Series PDF

The MRHQ series is a rotary gripper suitable for holding and reversing work pieces on transfer lines. The compact integration of gripping and rotating functions eliminates the peripheral piping and wiring of the previous product (rotary table + adapter + air gripper). The length of the MRHQ series has been reduced by approximately 20% compared with the previous products.

MRQ, Series PDF

The MRQ provides linear and rotary motion either simultaneously or alternately. It meets many handling applications, is simple to use, and when combined with SMC grippers, provides combined motions for picking, transferring, and rotation. Available in 32 and 40mm bores with strokes from 5 to 100mm; rotation from 90° to 180°. Connection ports are available on both sides of the cylinder, as well as end-of-stroke sensing for all positions.

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