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Rotary one-touch fitting series KS comes with a ball race bearing for oscillating or rotating applications. KS series comes in 5 tube sizes ranging from 4 to 12mm. One-touch collet includes anti tube rotation mechanism. KS is suitable for copper free applications.

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Rotary one-touch fitting series KX comes with double ball race bearing for high speed applications. KX series comes in 5 tube sizes ranging from 4 to 12mm. One-touch collet includes anti tube rotation mechanism. KX is suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

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The KQ-X1744 fittings are made from weather-resistant POM black pigment.  The KQ-X1744 are perfect for applications which require improved weather resistance in outdoor environments.  One-touch technology makes tube insertion (with strong tube holding force) and removal easier.  KQ-X1744 meets ISO 4892-3 (JIS K 7350-3), ISO 14993 (JIS H 8502: 1999), and ISO 1431 (JIS K 6259) standards.

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SMC high purity Hyperflare™ Fitting series LQ* responds to the latest demands in process control. From parts cleaning to assembly and packaging, all processes are controlled for cleanliness, and the use of new PFA virtually eliminates particle generation and TOC (total organic carbon) allowing confident use for the most demanding applications. If chemistries or flow requirements are changed during process, our face seal design allows for quick change of tubing, and/or tube diameters, using the same fitting body.

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KV2 fittings are made from rugged ultraviolet and vibration resistant composite. One-touch technology makes tube insertion (with strong tube holding force) and removal easier. KV2's patented seal allows tube cut angles to be well above the heavy vehicle industry standard. KV2 meets FMVSS 571.106, SAE J1131 and SAE J2494 standards.

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Coaxial compatible one-touch fitting series KW is a new and easy to use coaxial tube system. Insertion and release of tube can be carried out with the same ease as an ordinary one-touch fitting. Several fitting types available.

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KF insert fittings are suitable for use with nylon, soft nylon and polyurethane types of tubing. The insert mechanism provides reliable retaining force on both sides of the tube (inside and outside). The KF series can used for a wide range of pressures from vacuum up to a pressure of 1.0MPa.

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Series KFG2 fittings can operate with ambient operating fluid temperatures of -65 to 260ºC (swivel elbow type -5 to 150ºC).  With their stainless steel 316 construction and unique non-rubber seal insert connection, these grease-free fittings offer high levels of corrosion resistance, and can be used with numerous piping materials including FEP, PFS, soft and regular nylon, polyurethane and polyoelfin.  Available in male elbow, male connector, male branch tee, straight union, union tee, bulkhead union, union elbow, swivel elbow and female connector options, the KFG2 fittings can accommodate tube sizes from 4mm to 16mm and 1/8" to 1/2" with port sized thread connections from R1/8 to R1/2 and 1/8NPT to 1/2NPT.

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Self align fittings series H, DL, L, LL has ten styles and five tube O.D's providing a wide range of fittings that will fit any application. Flared ridge ferrule prevents accidental loss of ferrule when inserting tubing into the fitting body. Hardened ridge ferrule prevents breakage of ferrule when tightening nut. Flared I.D. provides low flow resistance inside the fitting. The tube holding mechanism gives the strong feeling when inserting tube, and prevents tube from sliding when screwing in the tube.

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Series M and MS miniature fittings are for use with air connections in confined areas. The hose nipple and hose elbow styles accept nylon, soft nylon and polyurethane tubing. The body of the MS series is stainless steel, making it possible to use this fitting in corrosive applications.

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