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AS/JAS (w/Built-in One-touch Fitting)

Using SMC speed controls with built in one-touch fittings minimizes installation time, reduces mounting height and enables a more compact machine design. These speed controls allow the body to be rotated to facilitate simple installation. Available in thread sizes from M3 to 1/2 in both inch (NPT) and metric R(PT) and with tube sizes from 3.2mm to 12mm OD (metric) and 1/8 to 1/2 OD (inch) and with optional elbow and universal style (increased flexibility) and meter-in and meter-out, these speed controls are designed to meet most applications.

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AS (Standard), Series PDF
AS (Standard)

Lightweight, compact, and precision control make these speed controls the right choice for many heavy-duty applications. These speed controls are offered with in-line and elbow construction to give the widest choice to your unique application. Locking nuts are included as standard as well as simplified mounting. Thread sizes range from M3 to 2 and are available in both inch (NPT) and metric R/Rc(PT)

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AS (Residual Pressure), Series PDF
AS (Residual Pressure)

This speed control can be used to release pressure that may be trapped downstream. Available with one-touch fittings and standard threaded style these speed controls are clearly identified by the eye catching red adjusting knob and integral release button. The series is offered in sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 metric R(PT).

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AS (Stainless Steel), Series PDF
AS (Stainless Steel)

Suitable for applications where copper free specifications are required, the “–FG” series can also be used in areas where wash down could degrade standard flow controls, such as food and packaging. This series is designed to offer the maximum control by increasing the number of turns of the needle to 10. The body and adjustment are made of high impact white resin for a clean look. This series also incorporates SMC’s one-touch fitting available for tubing sizes from 4mm to 12mm OD.

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AS (Low Speed), Series PDF
AS (Low Speed)

Where finite adjustment is required to control actuators at very low speeds such as handling fragile material or smooth process control, the “-FM” series has been designed exclusively to meet this requirement. Effective orifice area has been reduced to 1/10th of standard series, but still retains 10 turns of the adjustment needle, (20 turns on the M5 size). This series comes complete with one-touch fittings and is available in elbow and universal style construction. Currently available in metric to suit tube sizes from 3.2mm to 10 mm OD, and thread sizes from M5 to ¼ R(PT)

ASD, Series PDF

Series ASD, combines a meter-in and meter-out dual speed controller in a single body. The series is available with PT or NPT ports and one-touch fittings are standard. Tamper proof and flat head screwdriver adjustable versions are also available for extra protection against inadvertent operation.

ASP, Series PDF

Series ASP is a speed controller with an integrated pilot check valve. This combination makes it possible to control cylinder speeds and permits temporary intermediate stops. The ASP is standard with electroless nickel plating on all brass parts and allows 360 degree freedom for tube mounting direction.

ASR/ASQ (PFC/QFC valve) can reduce air consumption by 25%. The PFC control valve has a pressure adjustment and speed control function. The QFC control valve offers a high speed exhaust and cylinder speed control function. Series ASR/ASQ with one-touch fitting (Pressure/Flow valve), can reduce air consumption by 40%. The pressure valve has a regulator with check valve, plus speed controller. The flow valve offers a quick supply and exhaust valve, plus a speed controller.
ASS, Series PDF

Safety speed control valve series ASS (SSC Valve) is available in two control styles, meter-in and meter-out. Both are control valves with cylinder speed control function and rapid air supply function. The meter-out style also uses a fixed throttle. This SSC valve prevents accidents caused by the cylinder rod sudden extensions by effecting meter-in control when there is no pressure, and resumes the ordinary meter-out control after the cylinder has been pressurized.


Series ASV and JASV speed exhaust controllers provide an effective flow area that is two times larger than that of a speed controller. They incorporate quick exhaust valve and metering functions to permit high speed cylinder operation and can be useful in handling condensation issues that can arise in some applications.  A silencer, One-touch fitting and resin body are supplied as standard on these units.  All Brass parts are electroless nickel plated.

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ASN2, Series PDF

Metering valve with silencer series ASN2 has superior sound reducing performance. Over 20dB at maximum flow rate. Cylinder speed is easily set by the shape of the needle being the same as that of the speed controller. Retainer prevents accidental loss of needle.

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AK, Series PDF

Series AK/AKH/AKB check valves offer various configurations to provide design solutions based on operating conditions. The series is compact and lightweight with low cracking pressure. The AKH with one-touch fitting, straight type, is easily installed in pipelines, while the male connector type can be mounted directly onto equipment. The bushing type AKB can be used in applications with splashing coolant and spatter, etc.

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AQ, Series PDF

The AQ series quick exhaust valve offers high flow capacity in a compact and lightweight body. The series is available in lip, diaphragm and an inline body shape with built-in one-touch fittings. The AQ is available in a variety of port sizes.

DAS, Series PDF

DAS-X946 allows adjustment of deceleration position (cushion timing) and deceleration speed (cushion intensity) in a high speed application.  Optimization of cushion timing and intensity reduces impact at the stroke end without the need to add and install shock absorber.  Example application is to reduce impact when opening/closing machine door.

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